Thursday, April 4, 2013

You're Stuck with Me!

I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who reached out to me to share how much this blog has meant to them. You told me how I made you laugh until you cried, made you cry through your laughter, reassured you that you weren't alone, encouraged you to keep fighting, comforted you when things got tough, inspired you to reach out in your own community and, most importantly, helped you to be better parents. You told me that you needed me, that you would miss me, and that I still had work to do.

Your words encouraged me, inspired me, made me smile, and even made me cry. You reminded me that the next steps in a journey don't cancel out the previous steps, they build on them, ultimately adding to the experience. What diagnosis is given to Bear or what I choose to call myself doesn't take away from what I've learned along the way and how it has shaped me. If anything, it adds to what I have to offer the world through my words.

So this is me -- The ODD Mom.

It's who I am.

It's who I'm proud to be.

Thanks for reminding me. I'm grateful.


  1. Hi Laura, my son has ADHD/ODD and it has turned our lives upside down... he is on medication for ADHD but nothing as yet for ODD i dont know what to put him on as we just found this all out last year and its all very new to us... we dont even know how to deal with ADHD fully, its all so new to us that we just snap and lose our patience with my son which is so wrong because from what i have read is not his fault because of the impulsiveness and the odd on top of that. what can we do to help understand my sons ADHD and ODD better and to help our family because we are very quickly sinking and i dont know what to do about it. My husband is my sons stepdad and they just dont get on AT ALL!! he says my sons abrasive in your face attitude and the rudeness and disobedience he just cannot handle!! on top of all of this we just recently found out my son has an abnormality on the right side of his brain which could be epilepsy, tourettes sydrome, autism etc and because we cannot find out exactly what it is we have to do trial and error and test things so my son is currently on Epilum to see if he is epileptic, after this we will test for something else because there is no improvement... so my son is on a whole lot of meds that also could be altering his personality and making him act out, it already makes him emotional which is one of the side effects of Epilim... I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO! it is so hard and heart breaking as i am forever sticking up for my son and my husband just does not understand and says i am going to turn my son into a rebelious teenager... please can you give me some advise o n what to do and how to make our lives easier and how to understand my son better. please send me an email at thank you so much.

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