Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Love those Questions

Bear seems to have hit a stage where he's asking a lot of questions. He's always been inquisitive, but now his questions are becoming more mature.

Case in point: There's a dwarf (yes, that is the correct terminology in 2012) who works at our local grocery store. As might be expected of a 7-year-old boy, Bear is intrigued by him. This became rather embarrassing when we'd go to the grocery store because Bear's head would swivel and he'd start to giggle every time he saw him. Despite my best efforts to explain that God creates everyone differently -- some blond, some brunette, some short, some tall -- I still ended up fielding comments like "Did you see him? He's funny!"

Then came the other day, when Bear casually walked by this gentleman with little more than a glance his way.

"YES!!!" I thought to myself as we continued down the aisle. Maybe we had moved on to something more interesting. Wouldn't that be nice?

Then it came.

"Mom..." he started with that tone of voice I know so well, the one that means there's a question coming. I groaned inwardly, figuring something highly insensitive was about to voiced.

" does he reach things?" he asked seriously, looking around the store at shelves towering above us.

You could see the wheels turning in his sweet little head, and my heart swelled with pride at his very mature and logical question.

"Good question, Bear," I said. "I guess he uses a ladder just like we do when we can't reach something." Bear nodded thoughtfully and then took off in the direction of the toy section, his curiosity satisfied for the moment. 

Then there are times like the other day, when I'm reminded just how young he is.

"Mom..." he began as he stared out the window at the crescent moon.

"...if you were on the moon, how would you stay on?" he asked with all the seriousness of a little boy with an incredible imagination. "You'd slide right off, and then how would you get back on?"

Oh, little Bear...I love how your mind works.


  1. That is too cute.
    You teaching him about differences is spot on. I always find it hard to find the right words to answer their questions!

  2. Very cute.

    FYI, I was a person who was noticeable - I wore a brace from my neck to my hips. I had to wear bigger clothes to accommodate the "jungle gym" on my body, bars and straps and such.

    I didn't mind when people asked questions. In fact, I preferred it to being stared at. My suggestion is to teach Bear HOW to ask the questions. I often told kids, "It's okay to ask me a question." Most of them wanted to know if it hurt.

    So perhaps "Hello, may I ask you a question?" is appropriate. Or, teaching him to tell the difference between someone who is angry and someone who will welcome a question. I'm quite sure that that guy gets asked stuff all the time, and he's probably used to answering and may even welcome it.

    It has more to do with the personality of the person and not whether they are different looking.

    My two cents :-)

    Margit Crane