Wednesday, August 8, 2012

A-Shutterbugging We Will Go!!!

There's something about being at the cottage that makes me want to get out my camera. It doesn't always happen, mind you, because I tend to be chasing children rather than catching them on film. (I just showed my age by referring to "film," didn't I?)

I've been promising Bear for a long time that we would go "shutterbugging." When he was younger he used to say he wanted to be a shutterbug when he grew up, which is something I'm delighted to encourage. Anything that holds his attention and makes him feel good about himself is fine with me.

The other morning he was a little bored because his friend next door was still eating breakfast and none of us wanted to go down to the beach with him (he's still too young to hang out at the beach by himself), so I suggested we go shutterbugging together. I bought a pretty fancy camera for work a few years back, so that freed up our point-and-shoot. Bear is allowed to use it, but we've never gone out on a picture taking excursion together. The other morning seemed like a great time, although I have to admit I had an ulterior motive. While Bear was taking his pictures, I figured I might get a chance to take some good pictures of him.

Here's a sample of what I got. They're not fabulous, but I had to take them when Bear wasn't looking. He was not in the mood to be the subject of my pictures.

Taking pictures of the water.

Taking picture of the neighbour's car. 

Cottage: Where dogs are as important as children.

Trotting down the lane, camera in hand.

Checking out what his butt looks like. Trust a kid.

All in all, our first shutterbugging experience was a success. I'm sure there will be more in our future.

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