Sunday, November 20, 2011

Feedback Time

Alright Readers (all 10 of you)'s time for you to do some work. OK, maybe not work. Maybe it's more like a favour that I need from you. Here's the scoop. Today's Parent, one of the leading parenting magazines in Canada, is looking for a new mommy/daddy blogger and I'm going to apply. In keeping with the spirit of things, you have to apply through your blog, so don't be surprised when you see a "Dear Today's Parent" post in the next week or so. In addition to sharing what makes me unique as a blogger and a mommy, and I also have to link back to my three best posts.

Here's where you come in (pretty please???).

#1 -- In your opinion, what makes The ODD Mom unique? Anything? (Oh God...I hope so.) Please feel free to sing my/its praises. Loudly. If you could make sure they hear you in Toronto, that would be great.

#2 -- What are your three favourite posts and, in 100 words or less, why did they resonate with you? Too much? Fine, feel free to just tell me what your favourite posts were.

Thanks, everyone! Every bloggy mommy/daddy and their dog is going to be applying for this, so competition will be stiff. (Did I mention this would be a paid gig?

I appreciate your support.

Laura AKA The ODD Mom


  1. Please don't take what I'm about to say the wrong way....

    I love reading your blog the good, the bad and most of all the truth. When I'm ready to lose my mind bc my 3 year old isn't listening or she's just dumped a 10 lb bag of flour in my kitchen that is when I pull up your blog and read a post or two. I'm not saying bear is a horrible kid but you remind me constantly that if you can see the good dealing with what you are on a regular basis then I damn well should be able to too!

  2. Oh my goodness...that made me laugh. If I can make you feel better about your life, I'm glad to help. Really! I laugh at my friends all the time, because some days it's just nice to see someone else's child giving them a little grief. ;-) Thanks for the feedback, and thanks for following!

  3. I read your blog because I'm THAT mother too. My ADHD/OCD/Anxiety kid is never boring but often tedious. Her OCD has driven me upstairs on more than one occasion to lock myself in the bathroom and scream a four-octave-trained-soprano scream at the shower curtain rather than my kid who can't help how she's wired, but is smart enough to understand that "sometimes my body makes me."

    I admire your candour and your honesty in admitting that some days are better than others. I read your blog so that we can all go crazy together, or stand, hands clasped at the precipice and take turns talking each other off the ledge on the bad days.

    As for favorite posts, that's tough. I cried and nodded all the way through "I'm so tired of it all." I cried and whooped and cheered at "A weekend of firsts" and I laughed and cried at "never count your tantrums." It's just so TRUE.


  4. ok... well I think you are unique because you are one of the few bloggers I know of who totally get what I am dealing with a on a daily basis. But that really isn't something you can use for Today's parent!

    I think you should talk about how real you are, how you are willing to share the joys AND the struggles in all of their painful glory.

    You are on this path just like the rest of us and your "real-ness" makes you easy to connect with. That is always a good thing and something Today's Parent needs more of for sure!

    As for favourite posts? Um.... Code "Bear" made me laugh out loud because it is my life in print. I'm So Tired of it All made me cry because it is my life in print. Again. Because I Don't Trust You made me really think because (you'll be shocked by this I know) it is my life in print. Again.

    I hope you get the gig!

  5. Lisa and Tara -- Thanks so much for your feedback. As much as I make you feel like you're not alone, you do the same for me. I love how everyone seems to have different "favourites." I thought I'd see the same ones come up over and over again, but I haven't. Interesting! Thanks, Ladies, for your support and your friendship.

  6. Laura,

    Your blog is brilliant. I follow many bloggers, and don't have time to read all of their posts because I just don't have time to read 200 posts every day. So I'll admit, I skip some posts of some other bloggers or else I would be reading 24/7.

    Your blog is one of those few blogs where I read every posts. When I find one of THOSE blogs, the one that speaks to me and with who's author I know that I would have a deep personal friendship if we knew each other in real life, I do go back and read every single post (I've gone back years in some cases). I went back to the beginning with your blog, and I was somewhat relieved that I didn't have to read years of posts - not because I didn't want to read it, I would have read them gladly... I was relieved because I didn't feel like I was jumping in in the middle of your story.

    You are an awesome author and you have an important story to share. Good luck! ;)

  7. Frank, here are my praises that I will sing LOUD and LONG, and hopefully on-key!!!!!

    You write from the heart, and so beautifully, always. The honesty that you share is incredible. Reading what you live every day humbles me, and makes my admiration for you rise exponentially… and it was always high.

    My 3 favorite stories: “When a haircut isn’t just a haircut” – I laughed, but felt your pain! What challenges you face daily… I could not imagine. “Team Bear” – you have SO much support for him it’s amazing!!! Knowing that you don’t bear (pardon the pun) the burden alone must be a huge help. And “What Makes a Parent Harm Their Child? I Think I Understand” – right from the heart. Brutal honesty. Absolutely amazing.

    Crisco xoxo
    (I post this anonymous because I don't have a profile!! And no time to create one!!!!!)

  8. @Johane Your words humble me, my new friend. You get my life and I get yours...and that's a gift.

  9. @Adrienne Thanks for the best wishes. And thanks for coming over! I love {a mom's view of ADHD}, so I'm delighted that you like mine enough to "like" it!

  10. @Crisco You know how I feel...thank you so much for all your support.